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Things I’ve tried for the first time and thought it would be a good idea to blog about it.

Alone, Lost in the Woods

First Trail Run Race and Most Likely my Last…that I pay for.

Even though I’ve broken up with Running, I had signed up for a trail run prior to the break up. Some running friends swear up and down that trail running is the way to go if street running ever became boring.

It was worth a shot.

I didn’t have trail running shoes, so I just wore my usual Brooks GTS shoe. It worked out great for me.

Since trail running was new to me, I didn’t know what to expect. Would we have to jump over fallen tree stumps or creeks? Avoid wild critters? Continue reading Alone, Lost in the Woods

Investing in a Company that went through 2 reverse splits 😒

I had an extra few hundred dollars that I wanted to use for a quick and easy investment. Started looking into stocks that were priced at less than $2 so I can get more “bang for the buck”.

I found a company called DryShips, Inc. This company was a shipping company that had a 52-week high of over $3,200 per share, based on Yahoo Finance.

I believe the price was around $1.98 when I started looking into them. With a 52-week high of over $3,200, I did a little bit of research. Based on reports, the dividend & yield was high so I could potentially draw in some income. I hedged lightly on the numbers and looked at the company’s strategy.

Continue reading Investing in a Company that went through 2 reverse splits 😒

Daily #Blog #Vlog Challenge Ep. 20 – First Time Running Barefoot on the Beach

Wednesday, March 23

Scheduled: 5 Miles. Temp: 55 degrees.

Woke up to watch the sunrise again. Just as awesome as the day before. Ran barefoot on the beach. I thought it would be cool. It wasn’t. My feet started to hurt. I over pronate when I walk/run so I need support.

In other words, if you require special shoes, I do not recommend running barefoot!

Great rest of the day with the family. Fun time at Broadway at the Beach again. This time, the kids wanted to go get custom t-shirts at Fric & Frac. They saw this place on SkylanderKids Youtube Channel and just couldn’t resist.

The guys that worked there were pretty cool and they were impressed with how many people come to the store because they appeared on Youtube!

Fun time! Check out my VLOG here:

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Daily #BLOG #VLOG CHALLENGE EP. 19 – First time Running on the Beach!

Tuesday, March 22. Zero Miles Scheduled.

IMG_2415I couldn’t help myself. This was a day I was supposed to take off from running, but I had no choice. It was too nice to not go for a quick run. I only ran for 2 miles, but it felt great running along side the sunrise!

2 miles in. My first time running on the beach!

Thanks for reading and watching! To Great Health and Happy Running!



DAILY #BLOG #VLOG CHALLENGE EP. 18 – First time on the #Beach

Monday, March 21 – Miles scheduled: 6

Today was a little warmer in South Carolina. Was able to run in the sun, but still chilly.

Got checked in to our room. Went grocery shopping and made a quick pit stop at Coccadotts Cake, winner of cupcake wars. It was delicious! First time I’ve touched ocean water in a very long time. It was LONG overdue!

Thanks for watching! To great health and happy running!




Sunday, March 20 – Miles scheduled: 0

There was nothing on today’s running schedule, but I had to go out there for quick run since I didn’t run at all during our day of travel.

The day started with rain. I woke up around 8am after a long night of just hanging out with family and new friends. I was tired, but was able to get a run in after the rain stopped a little before 11am.

Again, life just happens and you just need to take your runs when you’re able to.

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A Big Win in 2015 #myFirstMarathon #Marathon #Running

This has been an interesting year. The odd years always seem to be a growth and development year for me. I usually do not make huge accomplishments during odd years, but this year was different.

Columbus Marathon Finisher's MedalI ran my first full marathon, the Columbus Marathon in 2015. I did it. I did it before my 40th birthday. I never thought in a million years that I would be able to run a full marathon. To be honest, it wasn’t even on my bucket list until a year ago because I didn’t think it was attainable. Continue reading A Big Win in 2015 #myFirstMarathon #Marathon #Running