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Alone, Lost in the Woods

First Trail Run Race and Most Likely my Last…that I pay for.

Even though I’ve broken up with Running, I had signed up for a trail run prior to the break up. Some running friends swear up and down that trail running is the way to go if street running ever became boring.

It was worth a shot.

I didn’t have trail running shoes, so I just wore my usual Brooks GTS shoe. It worked out great for me.

Since trail running was new to me, I didn’t know what to expect. Would we have to jump over fallen tree stumps or creeks? Avoid wild critters? Continue reading Alone, Lost in the Woods

Body hacking. #running a #marathon ruined my metabolism #weightloss

This past month I’ve been trying to figure out what the heck is going on with my body.

I am 100% convinced that distance running has ruined my metabolism.

Meaning, I do not burn as many calories at rest than I used to. After taking a resting-metabolism test, I only burn 1400 calories per day.

That’s about 400-500 less than the average for my height/weight/age.

If I want to lose weight, i should be able to eat slightly less than 1400 calories.

The numbers don’t seem to work out the way I thought it would.  I found that I need to eat less than 1200 calories per day and burn an additional 700 active calories in order to lose any weight.

I was only able to lose 2 pounds per week by eating less than 1200 calories.

The problem with the less caloric intake is it’s causing me to be more tired than normal.

Adjustment period maybe?

I used to be able to eat 2400-3000 calories per day and still maintain my weight. As I grow older, it’s obvious those days are over.

All bodies are not the same. No, I don’t want to take “magic pills” or start a 21 day challenge. I know I can lose the weight.  Just gotta eat more fruits and vegetables.

And patience. Lots of it.

I have a half marathon coming up at the end of April. I hope I can get near my target weight then.

Stay motivated.

First long-run of 2017 #runchat #goals #HalfMarathonTraining

The last time I ran outside was on January 1st. I ran 3.1 miles to celebrate the new year in 10 degree weather. It was cold! I haven’t been out since. That is, until yesterday.

I saw that it was approaching 50 degrees outside and just had to get out there and run. This is not normal weather for Ohio. It’s usually a lot colder this time of year. But, hey…I’m not complaining!

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Another Half Marathon?! What?!

As I mentioned before, I signed up for another half marathon. The Emerald City Half Marathon will be my first Summer Half Marathon.

I’m not sure what to think about this. I’ve already ran in hot weather last week and it was tough! I’m hoping that I will have enough endurance to survive this one.

I’ve also gained about 15 pounds since my last half marathon 4 months ago. It’s been a struggle to stay healthy and keep the weight off. I am determined to make this work. It is not getting easier as I get older.

I celebrated my 40th birthday a few months ago. Most birthday’s, I just ignore the fact that I’m a year older, but this one was different for some reason. I was turning 40…the half-way point to our mortal lives. I really thought about all the things I accomplished in my 40 years of existence. It may not seem like much, but I’m still alive. This means I’m not done yet.

So, to keep me accountable, I’ll be blogging and vlogging every day for the next 6 weeks (at least) to make sure I get back on track.

Share your thoughts and suggestions as I record my experiences. I will definitely need it! Hope you enjoy the journey as we go through life together!

To great health and happy running!

Blogging and Vlogging is Tough!

So, I started making Youtube Videos and have neglected my blog! Seems like I should be doing both, but I’ll admit, I’ve been slacking!

I discovered that I love to create! Creating Youtube videos have helped me learn a lot about myself, especially during the vlogging month (April). One of the things I hate most is seeing myself on video. That was a fear I had to overcome.

I know that you’re most critical of yourself and I’ll be the first to admit that I am the worst when it comes to setting expectations for myself.

I always think I can do more than I really can. When I don’t accomplish what I set myself out to accomplish, I get depressed.

Learning lessons,

  1. Set goals that are feasible to the situation.
  2. Don’t be over critical of yourself, it’s OK to make mistakes.
  3. Every day is not always going to be perfect.
  4. Keep doing and keep moving.

Hope to get out there and Blog and Vlog more. To great health and happy running!

P.S. I signed up for another half marathon, scheduled for August 28th. Yikes!

P.S.S. I haven’t really trained for it and I’m about 20 pounds over my target weight I need to successfully run it! Ugh!