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The Time Value Digital Experience

I was sitting at Starbucks a few months ago. I don’t know what it is about Starbucks’ environment, but it allows me to be a little more creative than I would be if I was at home or the office. Maybe it’s the continuous stream of people and conversations that flow or the lack of kids or co-workers tapping me on my shoulder.

As I’m sitting and observing those around me, I noticed a gentleman who came in and sat at a corner table. He took his laptop out of his bag, opened it and started working. My first thought, he was just at the Starbucks to use the free wi-fi.  Not much later, he walked up to the counter and pick up a drink and sat back down.

In the meantime, there was a long line of people waiting to order their drinks.

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The Token Ring

This is pretty cool. However, this assumes everyone wants to wear a ring. I can see sizing being an issue. Also, I already am able to unlock my Mac with my Apple Watch. I can see Apple enhancing the watch to do what this company is offering by unlocking doors, access to offices, etc. in the future.


When Hollywood Fantasy Becomes Reality #innovation #leadership

I’m always amazed to see how ideas continue to mold the future. Ever watch a sci-fi movie and wonder, wouldn’t it be cool if that really could happen? In this case, these innovators took the Back to the Future idea to fuel the time machine at the end of the movie.

Jeplan, a company in Japan has developed a way to recycle clothes that mostly end up in dumping grounds.

According to CEO and co-founder, Mosaki Takao, only 10% of clothes actually get re-used and recycled. Continue reading When Hollywood Fantasy Becomes Reality #innovation #leadership