The Social Media Strategy that Irritates the Hell out of Me on Twitter and Instagram #FollowUnfollow

When it comes to social media, it’s a great way to build your brand. One of the goals for most internet marketers is to get as many followers as quick as you can.

The strategy is to follow someone in your demographic and hope they follow you back. When they do follow you back, you send them a nice note (DM) to say “thank you” along with a link to purchase whatever it is you’re selling and then you unfollow them. That’s the end of that relationship.

For those not familiar with your brand, the eventual large following gives the impression that you must be popular or good enough in their respective field to follow as well.

The plus side, you can potentially gain sponsorships from brands to push their products. The idea is similar to how athletes get sponsors from athletic apparel companies to push their brands.

If that’s your goal, then great. But the downside of this strategy will fire back when you’re not able to produce the sales numbers your sponsors are looking for.

I, for one, disagree with the follow/unfollow approach as a strategy. Celebrities may be able to get away with this approach because they already have a following outside of social media, but for us “little guys” it’s about more than just a number.

It’s about building long lasting professional relationships and maybe even friendships.

I’ve purchased books from authors and marketers that I’ve met online and remained in touch with. The folks I’ve met are genuinely good people and they don’t make me feel like I was just a transaction.

It’s clear that their intentions aren’t to sell, but to help.

When creating your Internet Marketing Strategy, always keep your customers in mind. Who are they? How will you provide value? How do you want them to feel when they interact with you and/or purchase from you?

When you follow and unfollow me on Twitter and Instagram, It makes me feel like I was used. I’m just a number. It’s OK. At least I know where I stand with you.

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