Got a new MacBook Pro and something unexpected happened…

I was still using my first MacBook Pro when I decided to get one of the new cool Space Gray ones today. 🙂

Not to bore you with the details, but it was Late 2012 model and it’s still working like new. My kids are using it all the time to play games and edit their videos and I was competing for time on the machine.

Decided to make that the family machine and get my own personal machine. I didn’t get the touchbar model; I’m still “old-school” and was only going to use it to write my book, blog, and make basic videos with iMovie.

I got the 256GB model, to make sure I had enough to support what I need. Also discovered that I got a corporate discount! Whoo hoo!

Anyways, the point of me writing this blog post….

The Late 2012 model was my first Mac and it was a chore to move all my apps, files, etc over to the new machine. I came from a Windows machine. You can imagine how much work I went through to getting everything running smoothly.

The new machine… I turned it on, went through the prompts, entered my Apple login ID and password and chose the option for cloud support. Voila!! Everything was in tact. All my files carried over and is readily available to edit and write. I only needed to install Office and Adobe Creative Suite, but that was it.

I’m all geeked out on Apple products and it’s eco system! Thanks Apple for making this a seamless experience 🙂  Another win.

And the new machine…LOVE the keyboard. It’s a lot louder than the previous model, but feels good to the touch.

Happy typing!

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