One Love Manchester

I’ve been watching parts of the One Love benefit concert for Manchester, hosted by Ariana Grande on YouTube. The concert was viewable live on YouTube and Twitter.

For those not familiar with the story behind the benefit concert, on May 22nd innocent people, including children were killed at an Ariana Grande concert last month from a terrorist attack. Ariana responded with the following tweet immediately after. 

She announced she would hold a benefit concert for the victims shortly after.

When I first heard about the concert, I did not realize how many artists would contribute to the benefit. Miley Cyrus, Black Eyes Peas, Katy Perry, and Coldplay were among the allstar lineup.

I was truly touched to see the city and world come together. The Western culture always comes together every time an act or threat on it occurs. This wouldn’t be the first time and unfortunately, it may not be the last either. But that’s a goal for all of us. Put an end to the  killings, not just in western society, but the world.

Society continues to evolve. It’s fascinating to see my neighborhood; filled with Christians, Buddhists, Muslims, Jews, and Atheists living in peace.

Peace can happen. My neighborhood is proof.

Over 50,000 people attended the benefit. Much love to the city of Manchester.

Keep loving.

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