Heartbroken with  increased graffiti along the Scioto Mile

I love running along the river on the weekends. It’s quiet. It’s my meditation-run time alone. It allows me to reflect on my week, count my blessings and discuss ways to improve. 

This past weekend, I noticed an increase in vandalism in my beautiful city. Along the Scioto Mile, several miles of run/walk/bike trails used by many Ohioans of all ages. 

I don’t care what the graffiti represents, but I do care to keep my city beautiful and clean. I value the hard work that the city put into building this trail. 

Based on the markings, looks like it’s been erased before. 

For those that do this, I understand you’re seeking attention. There are other avenues that you can take to express yourself. 

Trying to mark an imaginary territory is childish to say the least. Learn to share. You can be better than this. This world is bigger than you.  

The additional irony is the location. Just a block away from Police Headquarters. 

With the expected growth over the next 5-10 years, I hope this stops.

Let’s keep OUR city clean. 

Downtown Columbus Ohio: The Best City in the World is Growing

After being identified as the best city in the world, Columbus continues to grow and attract people from all walks of life. 

We usually get 2 major snow storms per year, but this year…I’d say we’ve been spoiled. No major storms. I love the sunshine and temps above zero. 

The city just released plans for continued growth on the other side of the river downtown surrounding COSI. There has been construction going on lately and I’ve wondered what they had planned. 

I love running along the river on the weekends and can’t wait to venture my runs further to these new neighborhoods. 

Here’s a sneak preview of the plans from The Columbus Underground: 


I love this city!

All renderings by Robert A.M. Stern Architects, provided by CDDC.

Body hacking. #running a #marathon ruined my metabolism #weightloss

This past month I’ve been trying to figure out what the heck is going on with my body.

I am 100% convinced that distance running has ruined my metabolism.

Meaning, I do not burn as many calories at rest than I used to. After taking a resting-metabolism test, I only burn 1400 calories per day.

That’s about 400-500 less than the average for my height/weight/age.

If I want to lose weight, i should be able to eat slightly less than 1400 calories.

The numbers don’t seem to work out the way I thought it would.  I found that I need to eat less than 1200 calories per day and burn an additional 700 active calories in order to lose any weight.

I was only able to lose 2 pounds per week by eating less than 1200 calories.

The problem with the less caloric intake is it’s causing me to be more tired than normal.

Adjustment period maybe?

I used to be able to eat 2400-3000 calories per day and still maintain my weight. As I grow older, it’s obvious those days are over.

All bodies are not the same. No, I don’t want to take “magic pills” or start a 21 day challenge. I know I can lose the weight.  Just gotta eat more fruits and vegetables.

And patience. Lots of it.

I have a half marathon coming up at the end of April. I hope I can get near my target weight then.

Stay motivated.