Daily #Blog #Vlog Challenge Ep. 22 – Last morning on the #Beach

Friday, March 25    Scheduled: 0 Miles    Temp: Perfect.

My last morning on the beach. I didn’t run. I just sat there and enjoyed the sounds and beauty of my surroundings. I miss it already and am ready to head back!

Took us about 11 hours to drive back home to Ohio. When we got home it was cold! It was Ohio’s way of saying, “Welcome back home”.  🙂

To great health and happy running!

Thanks for reading and watching!

Daily #Blog #Vlog Challenge Ep. 21 – Helpful Tips when #Running on the #Beach

Thursday, March 24

Scheduled: 3 Miles  Temp: 60’s

This was my last run in Myrtle Beach. It felt great!  It was so great, I thought I’d share some things that I’ve learned from making crazy mistakes when running on the beach.

I grew up watching Baywatch and they made it look so easy to run in sand. Not as easy as I thought it was. Here are my tips:

  1. Run closer to the waves by running on firmer sand. The water actually compacts the sand, making it easier to run on.
  2. Watch out for sea shells! These cute little things can cut through your shoes and cause some major damage!
  3. Watch out for People! Not just people who are walking or running, but people who are also fishing. The last thing you want to happen is to get snagged by a hook in the middle of your run!
  4. Make sure that you know where you’re staying. Do not get lost! I went about 1.3 miles past the hotel I was staying in. Try to remember where you’re staying!
  5. Do not run barefoot if you require support. I learned the hard way by trying to run barefoot and could only last 2.5 miles. My achilles was sore and I could barely walk after doing this. Took me all day of stretching to recover!
  6. Watch out for the waves! Since it’s better to run closer to the waves because the sand is more compact, the waves can sneak up on you and get your feet soaked! Not a pleasant feeling!
  7. Bottom line, Have Fun! Don’t try to PR your run, just go out there and enjoy the sounds of the beach and have a good time.

Running along the beach was a great time for me to reflect and appreciate life.

If you’ve ran on the beach before, what would you recommend that we should watch out for?

Thanks for reading and watching! To great health and happy running!

Daily #Blog #Vlog Challenge Ep. 20 – First Time Running Barefoot on the Beach

Wednesday, March 23

Scheduled: 5 Miles. Temp: 55 degrees.

Woke up to watch the sunrise again. Just as awesome as the day before. Ran barefoot on the beach. I thought it would be cool. It wasn’t. My feet started to hurt. I over pronate when I walk/run so I need support.

In other words, if you require special shoes, I do not recommend running barefoot!

Great rest of the day with the family. Fun time at Broadway at the Beach again. This time, the kids wanted to go get custom t-shirts at Fric & Frac. They saw this place on SkylanderKids Youtube Channel and just couldn’t resist.

The guys that worked there were pretty cool and they were impressed with how many people come to the store because they appeared on Youtube!

Fun time! Check out my VLOG here:

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Daily #BLOG #VLOG CHALLENGE EP. 19 – First time Running on the Beach!

Tuesday, March 22. Zero Miles Scheduled.

IMG_2415I couldn’t help myself. This was a day I was supposed to take off from running, but I had no choice. It was too nice to not go for a quick run. I only ran for 2 miles, but it felt great running along side the sunrise!

2 miles in. My first time running on the beach!

Thanks for reading and watching! To Great Health and Happy Running!



DAILY #BLOG #VLOG CHALLENGE EP. 18 – First time on the #Beach

Monday, March 21 – Miles scheduled: 6

Today was a little warmer in South Carolina. Was able to run in the sun, but still chilly.

Got checked in to our room. Went grocery shopping and made a quick pit stop at Coccadotts Cake, winner of cupcake wars. It was delicious! First time I’ve touched ocean water in a very long time. It was LONG overdue!

Thanks for watching! To great health and happy running!




Sunday, March 20 – Miles scheduled: 0

There was nothing on today’s running schedule, but I had to go out there for quick run since I didn’t run at all during our day of travel.

The day started with rain. I woke up around 8am after a long night of just hanging out with family and new friends. I was tired, but was able to get a run in after the rain stopped a little before 11am.

Again, life just happens and you just need to take your runs when you’re able to.

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