An Americanized classic #Khmer #Cambodian Dish, Vegetable Fried Rice


Cooking this morning for my co-workers as we embark on our corporate journey together. Today we are embracing our cultural diversity.

It’s amazing to see what people, made up of different backgrounds, can accomplish when they have a single goal in mind.

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5 Quick-Easy Steps to Achieving your Goals

I caught a stomach bug yesterday; the past couple of days have been rough while playing the waiting game. So, what do I do when I’m not feeling so great? I start thinking about what I’m going to do after I recover!

I started reviewing training plans for my second official Half-Marathon race. I looked at the Nike Plus Coaching program. I didn’t like that all the running occurred on the weekdays. It also seemed like it was a lot of running as well (5-6 days per week).

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A Big Win in 2015 #myFirstMarathon #Marathon #Running

This has been an interesting year. The odd years always seem to be a growth and development year for me. I usually do not make huge accomplishments during odd years, but this year was different.

Columbus Marathon Finisher's MedalI ran my first full marathon, the Columbus Marathon in 2015. I did it. I did it before my 40th birthday. I never thought in a million years that I would be able to run a full marathon. To be honest, it wasn’t even on my bucket list until a year ago because I didn’t think it was attainable. Continue reading A Big Win in 2015 #myFirstMarathon #Marathon #Running